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This site has been developed to allow our friends and family to keep track of our progress

- they've had to endure our years of talking and planning, and re-planning....

The mission:

In 2012 and 2013, we plan to build our own home. It will be relatively small, compared to most new homes in New Zealand these days, but it has been designed by us to gain a Homestar Rating of 7.
  • It will be solar-facing and well insulated throughout - under the slab, in all external and internal walls and doubly-insulated in the ceiling.
  • All windows will be double-glazed.
  • The roof shape has been kept simple to minimise the risk of leaking, caused by complicated flashing and unnecessary extra roof-wall junctions.
  • There will be a large 600mm eave to all exterior walls to protect the building from excessive heat in the summer without stopping full sunshine being admitted in the winter.
  • The large eaves allow us to directly fix the cladding to the framing and this maximises the effectiveness of the insulation and reduces the opportunities for vermin, moths, wasps and insects to make themselves at home.
  • The rainwater falling on the roof will be collected, filtered, sanitised by UV light and stored for use as part of the the water supply for the house.
  • All toilet waste and wastewater will be processed by an on-site Oasis waste treatment plant and supplied to 450m of drip lines in the orchard.
  • There will be 3 bedrooms + study, ensuite and walk-in-wardrobe in the master bedroom, separate bathroom and toilet, open-plan living/dining, and a double garage.
  • There will be a large kitchen to keep the wife happy!!!
.......all in 197 square metres.

What you all now need to do is keep checking back every month to see what we've been up to.  Paul is still working 40+ hours as usual and building at the weekends and some weekdays.  His work is being quite flexible and he can work longer some days and do some evening work to be able to use the daylight hours for our build.......

Any progress is good progress :-)

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