07 The Walls

A new year, a new start..... On to getting some walls up

The wall frames arrive - hurray!

Ease them down gently.

Place the extra material off to the side.

In the cool of the evening we started to lay them out in order.   

Mind the pipe :-)

Battleship, oops, I mean Wall E5 to main bedroom

The youngest member of our supervisory crew - Giacomo.

Bend the knees, boys, and watch those backs.

Thanks to Adrian, Emile, Ross and Dave for their muscles.

Having fun on the new obstacle course - Thanks Dad!

An ensuite and walk-in-robe start to take shape.

The advantage of tall people - no ladder required!

Check the measurements.

Oops!  No matter that we told manufacturing more than four times that the dwangs need to be at max 800mm - what do we get?
.......some at 750mm and some at 850mm, and some in the correct place!

Yes- yet another frame wrong - The top and bottom plates are different lengths!

Hurry up with that kitchen if you want dinner :-)

Emile liked our toys - in fact all the guys did!

Looking through the living room doorway.

Mmm mmmmm!  Looking forward to the spacious kitchen.

Also looking forward to the living / dining space too!

Now that the frames are up, Paul has to put on top plates before the roof trusses arrive.  Keep watching :-)

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