08 Roof Trusses

Thanks to Doug's tractor we were able to put up the garage door beam in no time.

Then the trusses arrived...
Some for the bedrooms....
Some for the garage and living areas
Ease them down gently...
Measuring up the last of the top plates.
Don't forget to measure twice and cut once, Dad.
That's right - all lined up now.
And cut...
Great team work!
I think Adrian has a nail gun on his birthday wish list :-)
The first roof truss goes up!
Simeon checks the level.
And bang goes the nail gun...
Bedroom wing roof looking good.
Hmmm, what to do when there's no hallway frame to stand on...build your own support frame!
Then dismantle...
....and re-assemble.
Ever consider a career on the high wire?
Measuring up the correct placement.
A little to the right...
Use that nail gun...
Really starting to look like a house now!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Adrian and Simeon for giving up their weekend and Monday to help!

A few more little roof frames to go, then
Paul will do the purlins across them.

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