09 A little bit of tidying up

Okay, so there's still a few things to tidy before we do the purlins - like finishing the little roof trusses...

Louis and Paul put the corner trusses on.

While Paul had to head off to work, the lovely Louis worked wonders with the hold down fixings for  fixing the  trusses to the top plates and the top plates to the walls.  He was very happy to have finished them before he left us.
Then we needed to finish the bottom plate bolts and screws.
Our little helper cleared the dust from the holes...
Then Dad could put the big blue bolt in.
Attach the screw
and screw
Watch out for the kick back at the end.
Of course all the extra help was great but did slow the work a little - so Marie and I got stuck in to all those little screws (8 on each plate!) while Paul had the "pleasure" of the blue bolts and the thru bolts - only a mere 134 to do!

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