10 Working out the angles

I bet you never knew how much you'd need all that MATH!

Much discussion of angles was had....
Then the cut was made using the new toy!
John and Paul check the two angles meet under the careful scrutiny of Braidie and Simeon.
"Now, Paul, if you just make me a measuring stick this long....
then I could mark where the rest of the purlins should sit"  said Braidie.
After all the discussions of angles the day before, today flowed better with a few more results to be seen.
Place purlin up for measuement...
Mark where it needs to be cut.
Attach with screws and carry on...
Hold it nice and steady, Marie.
Wow, give Marie a couple of hours and she's ready to tackle the nail gun...

Measure up the other side of the valley boards.
Cut with precision. What a lovely angle...
Carefully negotiate ladder on uneven ground and hoist it up.
Place in position and attach.
Whilst Marie and Paul were clambering up and down ladders, the fascia and guttering arrived.
First the brackets went on, then the fascia was put up and joined together.
The excess overhang was cut off.
An endcap was put on.
The next day the installer was back to put up the guttering.

The state of play as at 20 February 2013

Now we just need the purlins finished, a roof, some downpipes, exterior cladding, internal cladding, wiring, plumbing.......and so the journey continues.

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