11 Slowly, slowly...

After a couple of delays we are back! 

Unfortunately Paul came down with a bad flu and fever therefore balancing on the roof frames was out of the question.  So tools were put aside for a while.  The following weekend he went for his pre-booked holiday (with his remaining snuffles) to the annual vintage ploughing competitions in Opiki.  Placing 14th out of 26 - not a bad effort for a man who wasn't at his best health and who hadn't seen a plough since the competition a year earlier!

Now, however, it's back to putting up purlins!  This time with the help of Quentin - our latest visitor.
Look at those horizontal lines slowly connecting together...
The roof iron arrived, in preparation for installation by the roofers.
Next week hopefully - if the inspection is passed.)
Quentin learned how to use the drop saw.
Yes, it fits.
And, finally, the last blue screw is put into the last roof purlin.
And now we wait for the Council Inspection tomorrow.

Hurray!  We passed the inspection!
However the roofing company can't come until Monday.  So how do we occupy ourselves for the weekend?   We decided to work on the barn.
Thanks to Quentin and Victor for their help.
A little bit of mouse-proofing.
We almost finished enclosing the bay....  Unfortunately we ran out of plywood so a trip with the trailor will be done during the week.

Okay, so today is Monday 18th March and what has happened?....... RAIN!  After weeks of no rain - the roof is booked to be done and along comes the rainYes, we needed it, but couldn't it have waited a couple more days???

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