12 A Hat For A House

Thursday 21 March.... Hurray.  Today the roofers arrived.

First step - measure, cut and put on building paper.
Next put up the iron.
Two drills get the job done quickly.
Use a chalk line to get the diagonal cut.
Then carefully cut the angles.
So things were progressing very quickly

and the next day we went out to take more photos....only to find that we have a two toned roof! - Instead of just having Storm Blue we have a bonus colour of Grey Friars
.  (It was quite difficult with the sun angles at times to see any colour so we understand how it was not noticed straight away but when you stand back you definitely see 2 colours.)  After a call to their boss, tools were put down and we now wait for the correct colour to arrive for them to come back and re-roof!

Okay, so on Good Friday the roofers came back to fix and finish the roof....only to find there were not enough sheets delivered ...... So finally on April 12th we got to have one colour and the ridge caps on. The snow straps were started to be put on....although they still have to come back and finish these as they ran out of rivets...  :-)
So here it is... a beautiful hat for our house... just in time for all the rain!!

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