23 - Insulation

Joey starts installing the wall insulation - terra lana wool batts

32 Bags of wool ceiling insulation blankets. The first layers sits on top of the ceiling battens and between the truss bottoms chords. The second layer sits perpendicular to that and covers over the top side of the truss bottom chords to reduce thermal bridging of heat through the timber.

Because the insulation is easiest installed from below rather than from in the roof space, we install the "second" (top) layer first and then slide the bottom layer underneath

What the roof space looks like from on top with both layers of insulation blankets installed
Because the electrical wiring cannot be run underneath continuous insulation, we had to build a series of wiring supports above the insulation. We also installed a walkway to make it easier to get around when you can't see anything solid to stand on!

Here's something I bet you don't see people doing with pink batts very often.... :)

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