28 - MVHR

MVHR - Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Most ventilation systems simply extract moist warm air from say, your bathroom or kitchen and bring in air from the roof cavity space or from outside. While this can work to exchange the air and lower relative humidity, it loses an incredible amount of heat energy.  We have chosen a Passive House compliant ventilation system that brings in filtered air from outside and runs it through a highly efficient heat exchanger to warm it to 95% of the temperature of the outgoing air. This continuously dries the house and reduces the need for more heating, compared to other systems.

The main filtering and heat exchanger unit (internal pipes fitted and external pipes still to go)

Initial pipe layout with noise attenuators - this was later changed to allow separated spaces for the in & out air junction boxes.

Opportunities for play are everywhere when you're 6

....All hidden away between the two layers of ceiling insulation again.....