29 - Intello Air Membrane

One of the things that was changed in the "Mid-Stream upgrade" was the inclusion of an air barrier to stop hot air being driven out of the house through gaps that increase as the house ages. However, if this had been included from the beginning, each of the framing top plates would have been installed with an air membrane starter strip before the second top plate was added. This then provides a continuous membrane surface to connect the main sheets to without complicated glue/foam/tape joins and tracing of any cracks through knots, etc....

In our case, we just had to do it the hard(er) way.....

Each sheet has to be glued to the concrete, stapled to the studs and taped at all sheet joins and penetrations for cables or pipes, etc

....taping a difficult pipe entry for the bath

In the exterior walls we needed to tape the electrical cables at the roof line then run the cables behind the barrier protection battens. This saves trying to make the outlet/switch junction boxes air tight.

More tricky taping for the external wall shower piping in the ensuite...

Starting the ceiling runs. The "elephant trunks" sticking out of the ceiling are the ventilation system vents. They are sealed to allow for pressure testing and then later cut open to the finished ceiling level for fitting of the end vents.

No need for a step to reach the top plate when you're over 6 foot, eh Mark?! You can see the exterior wall horizontal barrier protection battens here too,

Temporary installation of the testing vacuum fan & meter in the internal garage doorway. (outside view)

Inside view of the testing fan & vacuum meter. Testing involves turning up the fan slowly, allowing a vacuum to be created inside the building, which is shown on the dial. As you find and fix any leaks, the vacuum increases for the same fan speed. The goal is to maintain a vacuum of 50kPa with a fan speed of 1 or lower.

A view of the living room with all taping completed.

Troubleshooting a leak around the taping for this electric cord


....at less than fan speed #1!! (nearing idle speed)

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