32 - Gib

Cover all that structural stuff up!!!!!

The truck arrives and is not allowed to unload until "the inspector" has given the all clear, as usual...

Aqualine gib in the bathroom

starting the study

master bedroom looking back toward the hall

wall in living room

Kitchen wall showing cut-out for the rear-loading pantry access door

Other side of the kitchen with the row of electrical outlets for the on-bench appliances & fridge

A view of the screw pattern required for bracing compliance 

the narrow room....

Jasmin's room

Isaac's room

putting up the Rhondo battens as air barrier protection layer

glue 'n' screw....

Now for the interesting sheets - better measure the location of those holes exactly so they don't need plastering!

Progress in the living room

What if you don't have a plastic stool and aren't born 6 feet tall?.... buy some alluminium leg extensions!!

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