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Step 3: It's a Wrap

Notch the poles and add the wall rails, then add the wall and roof plane diagonal bracing straps and it's all good to clad with the long run corrugated iron.

John and the kids come for a visit and get roped into helping with the cladding. :-)

The first wall sheet goes on

The first side done - looking good!

Anybody else notice all those straw bales waiting for the barn to be finished? We planned to build the main house as a straw bale house but Waimakariri District Council had other ideas..... they became known as the "Why-make-it-easy" District Council ever there after....

All walls done

First roof sheet

Preparing for the last sheet - we decided to screw the side overbend first rather than try to bend it last. Pushing on it with one hand while drilling and screwing with the other whilst at the top of a high ladder seemed a recipe for disaster.

Easier to screw the side then use gravity to help with the folding..... (ie bodyweight)

Ready for sign-off

.....just one other thing to do now.....

Move all the straw bales inside and have a barn party!!

Next - Phase 2 begins - Enclosing Bay 1