Step 1: Taking out the trees

Chainsaw down the pear tree. It is too large to fell whole as it would hit the fences or houses so it needs to be bought down in manageable sizes.

The macrocarpa to the right of picture also has to go - it is re-growth from the hedge on our side of the fence!

The hedge has been poisoned by previous tenants and the tangled mess needs to be chopped out to get to the trunks.

....back to the trunks

Making a mess is all part of the fun!

....then comes the clean-up....

Using an excavator to lever the roots out by pulling the trunks.... It worked for most of them but the pear tree roots were too strong for the small digger and we had to excavate around them to win the battle.

An educational opportunity for Isaac (on low revs with active supervision and yes, he should have earmuffs on)

Tree felled - now to remove the weight of the dirt to make it safe and chop it up

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