05 - Assess & Repair

Exposing the wall framing, bolting bottom plates down to the foundation, framing missing or broken wall, door and window cavities.

Broken shop front door on left will be framed in and clad as will the end door.

Back wall framing extended under flitch beam to match the slab in section 3

More back wall framing completed for the main slab section

Bracing wall framing and diagonal L brace where the small end door used to be

Back wall framing and building paper

Horizontal corrugated iron cladding for the back wall as we couldn't find enough of the original cladding

Removing one of the 2 end windows and re-framing it for extra bracing

Found some Versatile garage cladding with the same profile!! ....but just a few sheets; enough to cover the repairs on the 3 existing sides

Time to get the electricity connected and a new circuit breaker box to replace the old ceramic fuse wire original !!